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Wool sugar in black color.
Size from 55 to 62 cm.
Only on request.

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Wool sugar in black color.
Size from 55 to 62 cm.
Only on request.

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Wool sugar in black color. Size from 55 to 62 cm. Only on request.

Our products are manufactured in Italy, by artisans who still use the ancient processes of processing sacred vestments. The production times vary according to the product. Every product is made for you. 

To take your hat size you have to measure the circumference of the head about a centimeter above the ear.

The measure in centimeters thus obtained corresponds to the European system (EU), as shown in the table below.

 taglie per cappelli

In the assessment of the measure considered that:

1. Better a slightly abundant hat rather than a tight, with a small thickness or a small inner seam is easy to shrink it.

2. If you have a lot of hair you will have a greater tolerance, the hair acts as a natural "absorber".

3. If you have shaved hair or are bald, you will have to do more  Be careful to calculate your size and you will have less tolerance, you can switch from the feeling of "straight" to "largo" in a few millimeters.

4. "soft" hats and caps allow greater tolerance, 

5. "rigid" caps and caps need more attention in the calculation of the measurement. It is also useful to know the shape of your head. It can be "round" or "oval", communicating it at the time of purchase, we can conform the hat (e.g. a craft cylinder ) before sending it.

6. If you have a very round head avoid the rigid hats with all the stretches lowered, prefer those with raised back weaves

7. To slightly widen a hat sometimes is really small, slowly use your knee or fists of your hands, you can also earn a centimeter.

I do. Pumpkin or battery (in) Latin: batteries), is a headdress in the shape of a hemisphere cap with eight ears, worn by ecclesiastical: some priests or abuse They use it. black (if the abbot is bishop or bishop nullius wears it paonazzo color); the bishops use it of paonazzo color; I cardinals red; the Pope White.

Pumpkin is also worn during celebration of the Mass. In order to highlight the importance of the Eucharist, the celebrant and concelebrant remove the pumpkin from the head before the Preface and for the whole Eucharistic liturgy. It is remitted at the end of Retirements of Communion, that is, when the Eucharistic species were placed in tabernacle. Above it you can also wear the Drinking or Roman hat, popularly said saturno. The tricorn was the Roman hat bent for three sides, or even in two (in the shape of a tile), in use in the eighteenth century and in the first decades of the nineteenth century: then imposed the use of the Roman hat when the ecclesiastics went out of the house.

By extension, receive the red pumpkin means being appointed cardinal.

Differ from Camauro because it has no extensions on the ears, being in fact hemisphere.

It is synonymous with Daddy which also indicates a headdress used typically in the house by older men, similar to pumpkin Papa.