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The first solemn Evangeliary, with the new CEI translation.

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The first solemn Evangeliary, with the new CEI translation.

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The first solemn Evangeliary, with the new CEI translation.

Title: Evangelization
Publisher: Episcopal Conference Piemontese
Publication date: 2010 August
EAN-13: 9788825025101
Pages: 340

All the passages of the Gospels (years A, B and C) read in the Sundays, in the solemnity, in the feasts of the Lord and those for the ritual masses for baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, Marriage and Exequies. The pericops are arranged according to the canonical order of the Gospels and for each of them is indicated the celebration in which it is read.

The cover is sober and solemn, with stylized images in gold on white background representing the Resurrection (recto) and the Crucifixion (verse). The internal iconography shows the four marble sculptures of Trani depicting the symbols of the evangelists, placed on the facade of the Basilica of Santa Giustina in Padua, by the sculptor Novello Finotti. On the first and last page of the volume are etched, with a hot punch, the alpha and the omega.  

Accurate indexes make the use of the Evangeliary simple and immediate and a rigid, white package, with magnet closure and side white ribbon, shows the same images of the cover and allows to keep the volume.

The price is intentionally very content, so that every community that celebrates the Word and the Eucharist can give itself this precious volume and thus reserve to proclaim the Gospel the relief and solemnity that the liturgy requires. 

For those wishing to further enhance the importance of the Gospel will be possible, choosing from different proposals, to request a precious tea, also customized, custom made by valenti Argentine masters.

Format: width 24 cm; height 34 cm. Weight: 3.1 Kg. 

Targets: Cathedrals, basilicas, parishes, monasteries, religious communities and every community solemnly celebrating the Liturgy of the Word.

The ideal gift for your parish priest or church you frequent!